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Bhangarh Fort is one of the scariest places in the world, located in Rajasthan, India. The Indian government has banned access to the fort after sunset. Because many of those who entered this fort after evening did not find it. Those who have been found, are found in a half-dead state. The deceased died in a car accident while taking them to the hospital. There are many horror stories about this place. One of them is that the black witch falls in love with a tantric princess. She mixes mantra oil in aroma to subdue the princess. But the princess threw the fragrance on a huge stone to ignite the matter. As a result of that magic oil, the stone crushes the tantric. He was cursed before he died. Shortly thereafter, the battle of Bhangarh was fought with the neighboring kingdom. The whole city, including the royal family, was destroyed in the war. Since then it has been known as a scary place.



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