The Untold Secret of MYSTERIOUS ‘Lake of No Return’

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Pangasu, a village surrounded by dense forests of Arunachal Pradesh, near the Indo-Myanmar border. This village has a mysterious lake.

It is said that no one comes back to this lake. That is, the speed of the heart rate will decrease as you approach the lake. Gradually, you will fall to the bottom of death. That’s why the lake is called the ‘Lake of No Return’ or the non-returnable lake.

The 1.2 square kilometer length lake has survived this mystery for nearly a century. Naturally, the trap of mystery has crossed the boundaries of the country and crossed the border. Gradually the lake became known as ominous and deadly.

It began in World War 2. Reportedly, a US warplane landed on the side of the lake. Other troops saw the landing from a nearby battlefield. But to everyone’s surprise, the plane and the pilot disappeared.

This story quickly spreads all around. Then another storyline deepens the mystery. A group of war-torn Japanese troops returned to the shore of the lake. Usually, they also disappear. This story also does not take time to spread. From then on, no one would go to the lake for fear. Although at that time the place was surrounded by thick jungle. Now the jungle has cleared up a lot. Only the reason for this mystery is not clear.

India is regarded as one of the most mysterious countries in the world. There are many mysterious places in this country in the present era of information technology that could not be revealed. The Lake of No Return is such a mysterious place.

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