3 Simple Tips To Take Care of our hands

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As you age, the skin will wrinkle – this is normal. When it comes to Bolirekha, the face is played. Care is limited to that look. This is where the mistake goes. Bolirkha is not just about appearance; Many places of the body are crushed. Both hands can not be excluded. If you start to take care of having time, it will not be easy to fall into your hands. In addition to the eyes and throat, the bowel line falls from the first hand. Over time, collagen of the skin is lost. The skin of the hand is therefore thick and pale. The skin also hangs. Here are some easy tips to take care of our hands:

Protection from sunshine
does not have to be worn all day, or to wear gloves. Good quality sunscreen should be applied. Before leaving the house, regularly wash your hands and apply sunscreen. European Dermatology London Dermatologist and Medical Director Stephanie Williams said, “UV radiation is regularly in our hands. Because of this, the premature saccade falls into the hands. UV ray matrix stimulates metalloproteinases enzyme, which helps in collagen loss.

Protection from sunshine

Water pressure
washing dishes, bathing children, cleaning the house, whatever it is, there is a touch of water in the hands. The skin of the hand becomes stressed when repeatedly doing water work. Because of this, lipids are released from the skin, which acts as a protector for the skin. As a result, the hands fall off. It is better to wear gloves in hand to do more water work every day. In front of Eid, meat will be chopped all day long. Wash your hands repeatedly. Put the hand cream in the sink next to the handwash. After washing your hands, apply some cream. Stephanie Williams suggested using Vitamin E and Vitamin C serum in the morning.

Water Pressure

The effect of soap
Washing your hands with any soap is also important. Soap has a great effect on the skin. The use of excess alkaline soap causes the hands to fall off. Chemical eliminates dirt in the hand, but does not protect the hand. The use of excess alkaline soap can cause the skin’s pH levels to imbalance. It also increases the dryness of the skin. This problem increases with age. The amount of softness the skin loses, it can no longer be restored. Therefore, take a bath or hand wash with less alkaline soap or alkaline soap.

The Effect of soaps


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