Spend Quality Time with Family Members During Quarantine

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‘Don’t panic, be aware’, ‘Read a book while in quarantine’,

It is as easy as giving advice, the harder it is to obey. The global epidemic is an unusual situation. It is normal to be terrified and anxious during these unusual times. At this time, it is not easy to sit on something.

According to science, if it is not possible to reduce mental stress at this time, the immune system will be reduced, and because of the randomness of thoughts, health care is not well accepted. For this reason, the house must be kept in good condition. Must be stress-free. Those who work or study or study, they cannot go out at this time. The mind inside the room will be relaxed. Here are some things that should be done to reduce this instability:

Change of attitude: First of all, change your mindset and attitude. It’s a war. You must stay home to win this panic. So don’t think of housemates. Doing nothing, don’t think about it.

Don’t change the routine: In the house, office or college-university closed – do not change the daily routine in mind. Under normal circumstances, whatever time you spend in the office or study, you will try to work or study at home at this time.

Sleep Rules: Don’t wake up much at night. Do not sleep for long. Do not lie in bed or on the sofa during the day.

Oh ‘corona’ ‘corona’ and ‘corona’: If you’ve been reading about Corona all day, only watching Corona news on TV and social media, you’ll be exposed to some kind of information-virus before the actual virus attacks. Life will be chaotic. So try to focus on other things.

Social Communication: This is said during the coronation period to keep a social distance. Maintain social interaction in alternative ways. Communicate with relatives and friends on the phone, messenger daily. Know their skills.

Family is important: spend quality time with family members, adhere to proper hygiene. Play home games. Be especially mindful of children’s wants and needs. Everyone watches a movie, discuss it. Reading a book may not sit in the mind. So, together, specify a few books and arrange them for a short discussion. You can play indoor games like Ludo, Carom

Take part in household chores: Take part in the household chores, small and large, women and men. This will reduce the workload on one and reduce the stress on everyone.

Give Yourself Time: Think about yourself at a certain time every day. Sit briefly at the window or porch. You can write a diary if needed.

Use it positively: Write when writing is a habit. There are many websites online (google garage, learning a foreign language), try to learn where there is a lot to learn.

What to eat: At this time the physical activities are less. And the pressure can increase the weight. All in all, take such a diet that is nutritious but does not increase weight. Avoid sugar, fat, soft drinks. Wash and eat vegetables well.

Adherence to hygiene: If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, do not hesitate to contact the health department over the telephone. Do not leave the hospital before panic. Remember, your infection can increase the spread of the disease. So first of all consult over the telephone.

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