Shiny spoon

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The role of spoon is quite important here. Spoon Spoons are being made in various types of materials including stainless steel, silver, wood, brass, copper, brass, melamine or plastic. The issue of cleanliness is also used every day. The expensive, designed spots that are used every day, there are problems with them. The dirt gets stuck in the coffin. Take a little care of the spoon will shine.
The spoons that are used without the design for daily cooking or food are being used as oil, yellow, spice, food and dirt. At the end of the work, these wash dishes become lukewarm after washing with a liquid or bar soap-cleaner. Again, the spoons that have a design cut or a groove, it is only when the dirt goes into the mouth of the groove or design. The general rule does not want to be clean. In that case, after brushing the brush in soap and water, it is necessary to clean the design. If not cleaned every day, it will be clean after a few days. Otherwise the dirt will drop the spots in your mind. Staining of stainless steel, melamine or a wooden spoon soap and water in soft soak, the stains of oil and oil spills will go away.

About the cleaning of the silver spoon, the owner of the ‘Rupghar’, Sujal Karmakar, said that the silver spoons used on the house should be kept in the Rithajal for a while. Then brush with the brush will have to be removed. Regular cleaning, these items will be new. If you are very dirty or black spots, then you will clear the silver shops. Apart from soap and water, it will also be better clean.
Tangail prevention worker made life of brass, copper and brass dish, basin, kalsi, jug, spoon etc. He said that they are not used every day nowadays. There is also some kind of black spot in the utility used. Those who use spoons every day, use the sleeve, they will be cleaned only after brushing them with the ashes after the use. With a little saban powder mixed with ash, it will show brightness by taking coconut chapatis.
Due to the irregular use of black spots, it can be cleaned with the help of mangini with the help of turmeric water. If the copper, bracelet, brass spoon or other items can be cleaned for a few consecutive times in the same way, they will remain as new. One or two times a year can also be cleaned by the stores. Besides, nowadays these cleansing items are available to buy in the nearest shop. They can also be used.

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