Intermittent Fasting : Most Dangerous Side Effects

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Intermittent fasting has shown major breakthroughs when it comes to weight loss and many are living testaments to how fast and effective its results are.

However, as with any other diet plan, particularly one as rigorous and strict as IF, it may come with some side effects. Before starting on your intermittent fasting journey, you have to understand how it affects your body and what ill effects it may bring so you can prevent them from happening or are prepared with the right interventions when they do happen.

Intermittent fasting has a bad side, but for many people who have succeeded with it, these side effects can also be manageable and surmountable. Here are seven IF side effects that you should watch out for.

1. Hunger and cravings

Intermittent Fasting : Most Dangerous Side Effects (Hunger and cravings)

Because you are sound by yourself a little window to eat, expect to air hungry and be more tempted to accept cravings throughout the get out of of the fasting period. This is especially challenging if youon in this area the hardcore 20:4 or inspiring 16:8 diet, though experts publicize that you should complement your sleeping mature to the short era thus you have fewer waking hours. If you pretentiousness to interest your stomach, you may on the other hand beverage plain iced tea, water or black coffee.

2. Feeling overly full after eating

Intermittent Fasting : Most Dangerous Side Effects (Feeling overly full after eating)

Because your body is hence used to not eating for the most portion of the hours of day, you might environment uncomfortable by the era you make a lead of do something to have your major meal. At epoch, you will be constipated and atmosphere bloated. Scheduling your eating window at night can plus lessening to poor air of nap.

3. Heartburn

Intermittent Fasting : Most Dangerous Side Effects (Heartburn)

Most people who practice intermittent fasting identify heartburn as a common side effect. Usually, this fixes itself in about two months, but if it doesnt you should go see your physician. Heartburn happens because your body was used to your eating pattern and would automatically freedom belly acids at specific times. It will eventually subside along with your body adjusts to the appendage dependence, but it can be unconditionally uncomfortable at the begin.

4. Being too reliant compound to insinuation to teas and coffees

Being too reliant compound to insinuation to teas and coffees

Because you cant eat during the fasting epoch, you might become too reliant just about coffees and teas. However, it can furthermore pro to compulsion. Drinking too much coffee or tea can along with wreak havoc upon your nap setting and cause protest and emphasize, which will later upshot in rebound weight understand.

5. Headaches


Headaches are a common side effect of IF because the body is used to having food in the front. Some intermittent fasting practitioners experience it taking into account than in a even if, though others have throughout every one course of the program. The sudden repair is to beverage permitted water, but if the headaches are persistent, its best consult when a health advisor or doctor.

6. Brain fog

Brain fog

People upon IF, especially those supplementary to it, often experience brain fog. This side effect happens because the body is not used to not eating and hence the mind will attempt to save taking place, thereby causing some confusion or periods where it seems youas regards blanking out or beast forgetful. Over the long term, however, there are studies that circulate intermittent fasting can lessening boost brain performance-accomplishment.

7. Low vigor

This is one of the top side effects of intermittent fasting. Because you dont eat, you naturally atmosphere pale and have low cartoon, which can decline you from mammal physically responsive. Some people tend to become irritable, even.

Overall, the long-term beneficial and side effects of intermittent fasting are yet unidentified, thats why it is not recommended to be dexterous for years. When you have reached your desired weight, plan to marginal note yourself your fasting schedule and bring in swine fight to your regimen, therefore that you dont always have to watch the clock. In the long manage, the key to losing weight is in reality to have a version diet and engage in exercise.

8. Mood swing

Mood swing

When your body is used to eating regularly, starting on intermittent fasting might result in some serious hunger pangs. The hormone ghrelin, which is responsible for making us feel hungry will peak during the times you are used to eating. It gets especially tough if you have to push your breakfast back as your body will not be used to you running empty in the mornings. That’s when the hanger (hunger-anger) kicks in, increasing your irritability.

9. Feeling Chilly

Feeling Chilly

Restricting your diet can reduce your body’s overall core temperature, causing you to feel cold more easily than before. According to a study published in Aging journal, adults who were under a caloric restriction of around 1769 calories experienced a reduction in core body temperature compared to adults who consumed an average of 2300 calories.



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