Be aware of the use of masks

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Dust is one of the major causes of human life loss, death and health risk. To avoid this dust, every person from child to old age must use a mask. But the sad part is that many of us flock to the use of masks; Many people wear masks again incorrectly.

know the correct rule of using a mask to protect yourself

We use masks to prevent viruses from spreading. The most reliable is the ‘surgical mask’. It has to be used one time. They have many layers. It is not advisable to use one-layer masks available in the market.

1. Surgical masks have two sides. The front is light blue and the backside is white. The white part is the filter, which cannot penetrate the germs.

2. Those who are healthy and want to prevent virus or air pollution will wear the mask on the outside of the white area. Because the air will get into the lungs by filtering through the white part. The blue part will be inside the mouth. But most people put the white part inside the mouth.

3. On the other hand, those who suffer from cold, fever, sneezing, cough or any other disease will wear the mask with the blue part out. This will prevent anything harmful from coming out of his mouth, and others near him will not be easily attacked.

4. Many people wear masks and cover their mouths only with the nose open. This should not be done; Rather, the thick border of the mask should be covered with both the nose and mouth, with the nose and the lower part below the muzzle.

5. Many people open the mask up to spit and talk. That’s not right either. The germs contained in it are easily spread to the body.

6. Many just cover their nose and open their mouths, that’s not right.

7. While talking, many people open their masks and talk. That’s wrong Must open the mask and talk.

8. Do not leave the same mask in the room for long periods of time. The rule is to use a mask max ‘one day’ to destroy it.

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